Our fees are listed below. We charge a fixed (or flat) fee.  We do not charge extra for photocopying, faxing or phone calls, but you will have to reimburse us for things we pay on your behalf such as title and property searches.

We offer quality and in-depth expertise at an affordable price. And all our work is done by an experienced property solicitor – not a conveyancer.  If you are selling you want a watertight contract. If you are buying, you want an expert who will “run the ruler” on the property you want to buy.  You can get cut-price conveyancing and leasing, but you do get what you pay for.

Please check our website daily for our legal fees as they can and do change. We are also happy to negotiate a different fee with you in which case we will give you a quote before you make any commitment.


office, retail or industrial




0.1% (plus GST) of transaction value/property price with a minimum fee of $2,750


0.1% plus GST of transaction value/ property price with a minimum fee of $3,300


office, retail or industrial



Lease, sublease or agreement for lease

1% plus GST of annual rental with a minimum fee of $2,200




Sale or purchase of established property

$1,650 for properties up to $2 Million
Price on application for properties over $2 Million

Off-plan purchases or house & land packages

$2,750 for properties up to $2 Million
Price on application for properties over $2 Million

Contract review service for purchasers:
This is a report advising on the contract for sale terms and property title.
The cost is credited to the purchase fee when you exchange contracts on a property.

Starting at $550


residential, commercial & mixed-use



Property Development, Easements, Boundary Disputes,
Access Agreements & Property Law Advice

Please call or email for a quote tailored to your needs

As well as paying our fee, you reimburse our out-of-pocket expenses, which may include title searches, title documents, property certificates from various government departments and settlement costs. For a typical conveyance of a house or unit on a single title, the out-of-pocket expenses usually range between $200 and $500 depending on the number of searches that need to be done. Commercial property may cost more.

We can also order pest and building inspection reports, swimming pool inspection reports and surveys. For these reports, we usually take your credit or debit card details to pay the providers directly.

We not not add any mark-up on the out-of-pocket expenses to them. Rest assured, we do not charge you for internal office expenses like photocopying, faxing and telephone calls as some other lawyers may do.

We accept payment by EFT, credit or debit card (VISA or Mastercard) or by cheque. For a normal conveyance, you pay our fees in two instalments: on exchange of contracts and at settlement.  For other work, we invoice on a monthly basis.

In buying a property, stamp duty is the biggest cost other than the purchase price.  The contract for sale and transfer deed have to be stamped as paid by the Office of State Revenue before settlement. We tell you how much stamp duty there is to pay, you give us a cheque to pay the duty, and we arrange for the stamping and payment on your behalf.